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Become a member of the association and get free admission to 3 guided tours (in the 2022 season). We will also offer you a walking map to discover Horta’s masterpieces! Annual membership: €25

ARAU (L’Atelier de Recherche et d’Action Urbaines) examines both public-sector and private-sector urban-planning projects and suggests improvements to them to improve Brussels as a place to live: to offer good-quality homes available to all; to offer mixed-function and socially-mixed districts; and to reduce the number of cars and increase access for active users of public spaces. All ARAU’s activities (press releases, workshops, conferences and guided tours, etc.) have the same objectives: to increase urban democracy, to promote Brussels as a place to live and to encourage an urban environment that all its residents can benefit from and enjoy.


Make a contribution to ARAU’s views

If you’d like to take part in discussions at ARAU about Brussels and to contribute to the positions taken by ARAU on certain issues, or if you’d like to let us know about a particular issue on which you have a strong opinion, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us – we will reply as soon as possible to arrange to meet you!