The ARAU’s guided tours season is available!

On the program for this season:

Visits in Brussels districts, which ARAU invites you to appreciate in their urban and architectural specificities;
– Tours that highlight and contextualize Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Modernism but also Neoclassicism or even Eclecticism, throughout the city;
– Guided tours, structured around remarkable buildings and public spaces of heritage value, which aim to enrich the debate on the development of Brussels;
– The “Summer Trails” cycle of visits: Evening tours that invite you to think outside the box and discover lesser-known places!
New guided tours by tram “Turn-of-the-century Brussels”!


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The Ixelles Ponds

The Ixelles Ponds district offers a remarkable panorama of some of the best twentieth-century buildings in Brussels, from Art Nouveau via Art Deco to Modernism.

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Building a Capital

After the Belgian Revolution of 1830 Brussels became the capital of a new state.

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Führung auf Deutsch - Um die Teiche von Ixelles

Die Straßen um die Teiche von Ixelles bieten auch heute noch einen guten Überblick über diese Veränderungen, mit herausragenden Beispielen für Jugendstil-, Art Deco- und modernistischen Gebäuden.

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Art nouveau in Schaerbeek

Victor Horta, Gustave Strauven, François Hemelsoet and Henri Jacobs were just four of the architects who reinvented family houses, apartment buildings and educational buildings in the Art Nouveau style.

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The avenue Franklin Roosevelt District, a veritable catalogue of Art Deco architecture

The Avenue Franklin Roosevelt, laid out on the site of the 1910 Universal Exhibition, offers a wide panorama of the architectural trends of the inter-war period, in which the Art Deco style occupies a prime position.

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Brussels : Capital of Art Nouveau

From Victor Horta’s Tassel House, a veritable manifesto for the style, to the more geometric designs of Paul Hankar, this visit explores the context of the style’s creation in Brussels.

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The squares district

The district became a veritable laboratory of late nineteenth-century architecture, with facades in a wide variety of styles, from unfettered Eclecticism to Art Nouveau, then at its zenith.


Urban action

The objective of ARAU is to make sure that Brussels remains a pleasant place to live for everyone, by improving the environment and strengthening the participation of residents in the urban planning process. ARAU’s main areas of action are urban planning and mobility and involve two main work areas: publications (analyses, studies, press releases) and activities (seminar cycles and residents’ workshops).

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