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Since 1977, ARAU has been a pioneer of urban tourism in Brussels and has offered unconventional guided tours that raise awareness of urban democracy and the role of residents in the development of their city. Over the decades, ARAU has also developed an expert knowledge of the city’s architectural and planning history, which it has passed on through its programme of guided tours that continue to play an essential role in the defence of the heritage buildings of Brussels. To learn more about the city’s best features, while at the same time developing a critical view of past and planned developments, join us! Our programme of guided tours is divided into four main themes: “Must-sees”, “Architecture”, “The districts of Brussels” and “The city in transformation”.

On request, ARAU can tailor all of its guided tours to the particular requirements of your group, throughout the year.

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Urban action

The objective of ARAU is to make sure that Brussels remains a pleasant place to live for everyone, by improving the environment and strengthening the participation of residents in the urban planning process. ARAU’s main areas of action are urban planning and mobility and involve two main work areas: publications (analyses, studies, press releases) and activities (seminar cycles and residents’ workshops).

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